Thank you

Thank you, mom and dad, for never listening. Thank you, dad, for telling me bad guys with power will always win. I will live my life to prove that you are wrong. Thank you, dad, for making me determined not to marry someone like you. Thank you, mom, for shutting the door. I’m tired of making my voice heard too, so thanks for making sure that I know you won’t listen. Thank you, for inspiring me what I need to do for my children to know them.

Thank you, sister, for being rude. I’ve learned a lot from your mistakes. I love you and I will always try to do what I can for you, but your full-of-yourself attitude will only harm you.

Thank you, Gemini, for putting up with me and not trying to dig up my past. You said you loved every moment with me, but I’m not sure if you do when I yelled, when I fainted from anger and stress, or when I turned my back on you, faced the wall and cried in my sleep.

Thank you, money, for making me realize that I fucking hate you. I fucking hate you.

Thank you, Libra. All of you have never stood up for me, but thanks for not doing so. Thanks to your betrayal and abandon and all, I am able to get back on my feet, and I don’t hate any of you.

Thank you, Sagittarius, for letting me know that people grow and change. I have about three of you as former close friends. One of you has done extraordinary things, things I can never imagine because you loved me, and you linger here and there, never showing up in front of me again. One of you claimed to love me and want me to be happy even if you are not the one I love, and we were never close as before again. One of you has turned from a close friend to my hater without a fight, and I think it’s only fair to call you a pussy.

Thank you, Scorpio, for making me understand how pitiful it is to be so insecure. I have never stolen anything from you, and I never will.

Thank you, future roommate, for making me understand that my tolerance has a limit.

Thank you, best friends, for growing old with me, for leaving me alone when it’s my fight, for cheering me up and making me forget about my bad days.

Thank you, bullies and liars, for making me stronger. How I stood up to you makes who I am today.

Thank you, haters who don’t even know me in person. Thank you just for not knowing me in person.

Thank you, bros, for letting me know you guise better. You guys are not full of drama, and I love you guise for that.


2 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. I’m sorry, Chii. I read this post too late, do you need someone to talk to? I am always ready to listen.
    However, there is one thing I know for sure: your dad, mom, and sis love you. Maybe they don’t know how to express this, and they are not perfect. So maybe can you try to be more generous to them?
    Besides, I know some “horoscope guys” who are not in your list sincerely care for you.

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