In a perfect universe

In a perfect universe, I’d be fine if:

This guy were my chef (Lee Sunkyun – Pasta);

This guy were my boss (Daniel Henney – Seducing Mr. Perfect);

This guy were my doctor (Joowon – Good Doctor);

joo-won_1374806269_af_org.jpg (540×540)

This guy happened to be the firefighter in my neighborhood (Go Soo – Love 911);

This mind-reading, baby-faced genius were my boyfriend (Lee Jongsuk – I Hear Your Voice);

If this dorky, adorable smartypants were my classmate (Park Yoochun – Sungkyunkwan’s Scandal)

If this guy were my mailman (Kim Jaejoong – Postman From Heaven)

If I were to grow up with this adorable puppy-faced guy (Seo Ingook – Reply to 1997);

This guy were my next-door neighbor (Kim Jihoon – Flower Boy Next Door);

This guy were my lawyer (Yoon Sanghyun – I Hear Your Voice):

and this guy were my secret admirer (Jung Woosung – Daisy).

Wait, I smell the problem here. Too much love interest, and my heart, which was known for its indecisiveness, would be torn apart. Could I just squeeze them all into one perfect guy? Arrrghh.

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