In a perfect universe

In a perfect universe, I’d be fine if:

This guy were my chef (Lee Sunkyun – Pasta);

This guy were my boss (Daniel Henney – Seducing Mr. Perfect);

This guy were my doctor (Joowon – Good Doctor);

joo-won_1374806269_af_org.jpg (540×540)

This guy happened to be the firefighter in my neighborhood (Go Soo – Love 911);

This mind-reading, baby-faced genius were my boyfriend (Lee Jongsuk – I Hear Your Voice);

If this dorky, adorable smartypants were my classmate (Park Yoochun – Sungkyunkwan’s Scandal)

If this guy were my mailman (Kim Jaejoong – Postman From Heaven)

If I were to grow up with this adorable puppy-faced guy (Seo Ingook – Reply to 1997);

This guy were my next-door neighbor (Kim Jihoon – Flower Boy Next Door);

This guy were my lawyer (Yoon Sanghyun – I Hear Your Voice):

and this guy were my secret admirer (Jung Woosung – Daisy).

Wait, I smell the problem here. Too much love interest, and my heart, which was known for its indecisiveness, would be torn apart. Could I just squeeze them all into one perfect guy? Arrrghh.

Breathe – Frally Hines

Vừa xem xong The Longest Night in Shanghai, mình sẽ review nếu có thời gian và không quá lười. Thật sự quá thích albumn nhạc phim, mặc dù có lẽ những bài hát trong phim không đủ popular để có thể download tràn lan trên mạng :(. Chẳng lẽ mình lại tiêu ~$40 để mua albumn nhạc phim từ Avex? Oh no, thanks.

Một trong những bài thể hiện tâm trạng của phim là Breath – Frally Hines. Giai điệu rất giống với tâm trạng của thành phố về đêm qua con mắt của những kẻ cô đơn, rong ruổi khắp những con đường.

Softly did you sing to me, outside my window in my dreams
When I woke, I could hear your voice in me
One day we’ll have the time to stop the time
And we’ll plant two thousand trees

When we are watching movies in our sleep
When we are swimming out to sea
They’ll call us idealistic and naive
But we know what it means to give
‘Cause really giving something
Is not wanting anything in return

The birds will circle ’round you and repose
On the riverbank, you give your words to me
Sometimes into sonnets, into prose
And we know how it feels to breathe
So gather all your fortune ’round you now
It didn’t take too long to figure out
You won’t be needing any of it now, will you?