Hilariously inspiring

“How the hell is this inspiring?”, you may ask. Well, set aside the humor, we have to admit that it’s quite true or could be true. Or it’s just what you hope it turns out to be in the situation.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

A priceless response. Respect.


Norwegian Wood

No matter how hard you try, you can never hate Midori. She’s just everything that girls wish to be.


Mean Girls

Kids, remember this.


Flower Boy Next Door

It seems like in at least two movies, Yoon Siyoon had a way of driving a girl crazy at first, and then confessed to her, and then declared war on his rivals in the most unexpectedly hilarious ways.


I Hear Your Voice

This is from Self-Defense 101: How not to get your ass kicked in school fights. Thanks for the tips, bro. Children, don’t try this at home. By the way, he’s a telepath so basically he knows the way around his opponents.

Park Soo Ha - I slipped and kicked into the air coincidentally but it worked